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Wildlife tours India: Wild Destinations to explore

Posted by wildlifeofindia on Friday, April 27, 2012

Indian subcontinent is truly exceptional and unique than anywhere else in the world in terms of its unmatched variety of flora and fauna of wildlife. Wildlife tours India fascinates tourists in large scale from across the world. Just like its rich and diverse culture and history, Indian wildlife is also rich, unmatched and diverse that no other region can compete with it. It has total of 489 Wildlife Sanctuaries, 89 National Parks and 13 Biosphere Reserves, which make India a wildlife paradise for the wildlife lovers, nature lovers, wildlife photographers and adventure lovers.

Wildlife Safari India gives chance to live a wild life amidst wild natural settings and creatures. In the natural habitat of Indian wildlife, one can find the rich, diverse, rare and numerous indigenous species of wild animals and plants. This is the only natural land where tourists can get opportunity to encounter Sloth Bear, Asiatic Lion, Blackbuck, Four-horned antelope, Blue Bull (Nil gai), great one horned Rhinoceros and so on. India boasts of largest dear species including antelopes. This enchanting land is also known as tiger country as it houses wide ranges of Lion, tiger, Leopard and wild cat.

A wide array of avifauna species of around 1250 make India a Bird paradise too. Widely known Keoladeo National Park is the second home to popular migratory bird Siberian Crane. Tourists can embark on these amazing varieties of birds along with endangered animals with Wildlife tours India. Additionally, approximately 20,000 species of insects, 2000 species of butterfly, 700 species of fish and 142 species of frog also reside in the wildlife forests of India.

Wildlife tourism in India offers enormous opportunities to domestic and international tourists to get thrilled and excited by witnessing wilderness of the reserved forests. There are too many reasons to visit and explore Wildlife safari India which provides the true essence of wild and nature. Tourists have lot more choices and options to visit the sanctuaries located in almost all parts of the country. They are best known for their uniqueness and unmatched variety of flora and fauna and also splendid natural settings.